Features of online communication

Features of online communication

Communication on the Internet is gaining more and more popularity. Take into account that online communication needs to be done correctly.

Today we will talk about the main features of online communication:

1. Firstly, online communication for the most part is conducted in non-verbal ways (with the exception of those ways when communication takes place in video chats).

2. There are certain time delays – when communicating on the Internet, some interlocutors can respond instantly (do so politely), while others respond within a few minutes or even hours (impolite).

3. When communicating on the Internet, many boundaries and stereotypes dissapear. Even language barriers noticeably fade into the background – for example, you can use an online translator.

4. As a rule, Internet chats are able to give a person a sense of comfort and self-confidence – more than with ordinary, classic contacts. It is much better to stay at home, in your own room. So it turns out to remain confident and not feel any pressure from the outside.

5. Accordingly, each person is willing to talk literally on any topic. In particular, in Omegle or Chatroulette there are practically no restrictions. And it has long been noticed that people are actually more inclined to speak on topics tormenting their souls with strangers than with relatives.

6. Many modern chat-roulettes are divided by interests. Thus, people manage to immediately find the group they need.

7. Existing chat-roulettes also have a choice. You can either remain yourself and just enjoy communication, or try to create some other image.

8. With the right approach, you can significantly improve your communication skills by using completely strangers who also do not mind communicating. In video format, the quality of oral speech improves, it turns out to respond better and faster to unexpected moments. And in text chat, you can seriously increase your literacy level, as today there are many computer assistants that correct errors in speech.

The closest thing to real communication is contacts via Skype. Although in the case of video chats you can prepare for a conversation, think through your behavior and outline some template phrases-answers.

But in other types of Internet communication, almost without exception, people tend to exaggerate information about themselves. It is known that the peculiarity of any online communication is about 3-5% of the information that a person conveys honestly. The rest is either a lie or an embellishment of reality.

But in general, modern Internet communication has a lot of advantages. It is available to almost every person who inhabits our planet. It allows you to always stay in contact, even if there are thousands of kilometers between people. Plus, such communication is quite quick, simple (going to chat and calling a friend is really a matter of a couple of minutes), it does not cause any inconvenience at all.

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