How to fall in love with a chat partner

How to fall in love with a chat partner

More and more people spend time in Omegle and Chatroulette. Here they meet, talk, argue, make friends, fall in love. If you have already fallen in love, and your interlocutor does not reciprocate, you need to make efforts to cause reciprocal feelings. Of course, in a chat there are not so many instruments for influencing the representatives of the opposite sex, as in real life. However, there are plenty of them to evoke love.

· Surprise. The partner is accustomed to your calm manner of expression, surprise him with emotional behavior. Let the person on the other side of the screen try to guess what is happening to you, try to cheer up. Do not give out all known information at once. It is much more effective during a conversation to suddenly say about the score of a football match than to shout from the threshold about the result of the game. You can be surprised by the external transformation and extensive knowledge in any topic.

· Admire. Men and women are the same in relation to compliments. You can praise appearance, mental abilities, the choice of books, and the ability to work with polymer clay. It does not matter what dignity you will shower with compliments, the main thing is to do it sincerely.

· Be attractive. No matter what gender you are, you must look great. Dirty hair that dangles in a mess is unlikely to arouse sympathy. Constantly angry facial expression also reduces your chances of love. Rudeness, vulgarity rarely attract people. Therefore, take care of yourself, because everything should be perfect in a person, both the body and the soul. Do not forget to gently praise yourself, character, beauty.

· Listen carefully. Do not interrupt the interlocutor when he talks about something. Let him finish, ask correct questions. They will strive for you to be able to talk. Very often, ugly girls gain the attention of cool guys. Their secret lies in the ability to listen, understand and empathize with the object of their love.

· Leave an understatement. A person will dream of a new meeting and continuation of the conversation. You can interrupt at the most interesting moment of your story and say goodbye, referring to unexpectedly arisen affairs. We assure you, a friend will count the minutes before your new meeting. Using this technique, you will always be interesting to the representatives of the opposite sex.

There is no single recipe for invoking love. Therefore, if the partner does not respond to a charming smile, seductive clothes, try writing poetry. Your soulmate can be romantic person carefully hiding it from everyone, and your extraordinary gesture in the form of reading your poems, will encourage him to confess. Show interest in the person you are talking to, hint about feelings, and then behave as usual. As if nothing had happened. Such behavior will at least arouse interest.

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