What to do if you do not have topics for communication

What to do if you do not have topics for communication

Communicating in Omegle and Chatroulette the interlocutors are selected according to their interests. Accordingly, most often the conversation begins with a common topic that is familiar to both of partners. Sometimes relationships progress so quickly that in a short period of time you manage to talk about everything. Highly specialized topics, weather, news, fashion, sports, everything is left behind. What to do when all sources of inspiration have run out and it is impossible to start a conversation again?

· Talk about where you would like to go. Why not dream together, maybe your dreams will come true. Therefore, discuss with all responsibility and seriousness. Do not stop at one option. Offer at least a few good, and then a couple of completely inappropriate directions. Try to find the positive aspects of traveling to bad places. We are sure that the discussion will be fun, emotionally. It is acceptable to argue a bit, but it is better to do it correctly.

· Food. We eat several meals daily. Accordingly, a conversation about food can be every day. What did you have for breakfast? What are your plans for dinner? Can you help me come up with a new dish? The discussion of national cuisines can last forever and end with an invitation to the appropriate restaurant.

· Arrange to watch a movie that none of you have seen. And then discuss it and share your impressions. The same can be done with the book, though it will take a long time to wait, since they cannot be read in a couple of hours. During the discussion, you can get closer if you have the same thoughts from watching a movie. Or you can debate if your feelings will be different.

· Discuss the past day. Usually all people start a conversation from this. Then, in the process of conversation, a new topic will come to mind on the basis of a story about a past day. If the partner answers ‘nothing new’, it can be true, or he does not want to continue the conversation with you. It is better to try to talk with the interlocutor in order to understand the reason for such an answer.

· Goodbye. If you are communicating in a chat and you have nothing more to talk about, then stop the meeting. This is the best way. Otherwise, the awkward pause will drag on and grow into terrifying silence. Stopping the chat on time is very important. If you communicate in real life, and the last few dates take place in silence, then this is an occasion to think about breaking up. Of course, it is difficult to say goodbye to the person with whom you spent so much time together and had interesting conversations. But perhaps this is not your person, since silence has become your constant companion

Communication problems may be temporary, but may drag on for a long time. If you appreciate a partner and do not want to lose him, then do something. Spend more time together, so you will have more and more new topics for conversation. Common interests and pastime bring people together. Do not lose the chance and the opportunity to meet and talk.

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