Why a guy should have the leading role in a relationship

Why a guy should have the leading role in a relationship

Now most couples adhere to the principle of equality. However, in some cases it will not be superfluous to make your man feel that it is he who controls the situation. This is not connected with the violation of women’s rights and the patriarchy – this is just wisdom. Here are the advantages of this decision.

You increase his self-esteem

The problem of modern people is low self-esteem due to the old system of Soviet education and high demands at the present time. By making compliments, trusting the solution of complex and crucial issues, you raise men’s self-esteem, which favourably affects the psychological state of the guy and his well-being.

You delegate responsibilities

Often a woman tries to take on too much – work, cleaning the house, caring for the child. The result is irritability and chronic fatigue. Just give the guy some of the responsibilities and important decisions, try not to control the correctness of their implementation, and you will see that your life can be better.

You can have your own time

It is important for every woman to be attractive to her man. Having given him all the leadership responsibilities, you can finally take care of yourself – make a new hairstyle, buy a beautiful dress or communicate with friends. A fresh and rested woman will inspire a man for bold and necessary actions.

You do not need to come up with topics for conversation.

If a woman takes the whole initiative, she will inevitably have to come up with constant topics for conversation, maintain the activity of the young man. At the first dates, it is enough to ask some interesting questions, after which simply follow the guy’s thought, answer his questions in detail, give comments on this or that occasion. Let him be a leader in your relationship.

When can men’s initiative be harmful?

Sometimes excessive dominance can be unpleasant or even dangerous for a girl. Remember that your partner, regardless of his status, should not dictate to you what to wear, what hairstyle to do. If a young man allows himself to control your every step, and you see that this is not connected with elementary care, this is a reason to think about whether you date with right person.

Thus, in interpersonal relationships, it is best to allow a man to be a leader. However, do not follow common patterns. If in your couple it is a woman who has the leading role, you distribute responsibilities in an unconventional way, and at the same time, everyone is happy with it, do not change your habits.

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