Best places to meet a girl

Best places to meet a girl

New acquaintances give fresh impressions, and dates increase self-esteem. Ideally, a date should be followed by a romantic relationship, but if it does not happen, do not despair: a pleasant meeting will always be beneficial! Where is the best place to meet a girl to be successful? We will analyze classic and unusual places.


People walking in the parks are usually in no hurry, so the likelihood that the company of girls will not refuse to start a conversation with you is very high. The main thing is to be polite, think in advance what exactly you will say, and how actions will develop further. When you meet on the street, it is better to immediately ask the phone number, so you can arrange a first date.

A cafe

You can meet with a girl sitting alone or with a cheerful company of friends who celebrates a birthday. It is quite possible that you will be able to start a dialogue, spend many pleasant minutes and even count on an equally pleasant continuation. However, it is worth considering that not all girls will be happy with this approach. Many people come to cafes to work, read a book or just spend time talking with a loved one. In this situation, they do not count on acquaintance.

A night club

The best option if you want easy communication and a pleasant pastime. Contrary to the widespread stereotype, this way is also suitable for serious and long-term relationships. In addition, alcohol, dancing together and the atmosphere of universal fun bring people together, so even a modest person here will feel relaxed.

Libraries, theaters and exhibitions

This is the right option if you want to meet an intelligent  and well-read girl. What to say during the first conversation? Take an interest in impressions about the exhibition or performance, ask what kind of favorite character your interlocutor has, what literature she prefers and why. If a woman likes you, she will be happy to answer your questions. Of course, for this way you also should have a certain degree of courage. In addition, you must understand the subject of your conversation. Otherwise you will simply find yourself in an awkward position.


Recently, chat-roulettes have become popular. Everything is simple: you create your own account, fill in necessary information about yourself and turn on the webcam. After that, it remains only to find a suitable interlocutor and start a conversation. If you do not like the conversation, you can easily switch to another user. You can discuss any topic there, without insulting and rudeness, in accordance with the general rules. At any time, you can invite a girl on a personal date, if she lives close to you.

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