The principles of online communication with a guy

The principles of online communication with a guy

There is an opinion that a girl should not be the initiator of a relationship with a guy, and very often this is what happens. But should a girl expect someone to pay attention to her? Probably not, and the Internet completely changes the idea of ​​the girl’s role in the process of meeting and communicating with a guy.

The Internet as a way of communication with guys

The vast majority of girls are unlikely to meet with a guy on the street or in the subway. A lot of girls are shy in relation to the representatives of the opposite sex and nothing can be done about it.

The Internet and its services can help to overcome shyness in relations with guys. Among the Internet services, the following ones can be considered the most popular for communication:

· Instant messengers and text chats that make it possible to exchange text messages and files;

· Social networks that are equally popular with both men and women. Here a lot of people from different countries and different nationalities can meet, communicate and share information;

· Video chats where online communication looks like traditional one. Particularly noteworthy are chat-roulettes, which offer communication with a stranger, selected for you by the system itself.

All these services are in demand and they all have their fans. It does not matter at all how to use the service, the main thing is that it brings the desired result and pleasure.

Communication with a guy

Boys and girls, as a rule, have different attitudes to correspondence in messengers or chats. Therefore, the girl should take it into account and not be offended if she read not what she expected.

The main features that should be taken into account when texting in a chat are:

· Do not rush and instantly reply to all messages that you have received. Nothing terrible will happen if you answer a little later. Likewise, your boyfriend may not answer immediately and there is no tragedy in it;

· Guys think differently than girls, so you do not have to look for a double bottom in each of his messages. There is no need to cheat yourself about every word that does not fit into your assessment of the situation;

· Do not create illusions. Not always a guy who writes beautiful words will be a good friend to you;

· Do not use chat to offend someone;

· When communicating, try to always write correctly and without mistakes. Your illiteracy may push people away from you and lead to certain thoughts;

· Do not be afraid to write first. That only a guy should be the initiator is a common stereotype. However, it is also not necessary to behave obsessively;

· You should always provide true information about yourself, because if you fall in love with a guy, then sooner or later you will meet in real world and your lie may be revealed.

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